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Our Best Friends

The majority of visitors to The Devisdale are dog owners or dog walkers. We have dogs of every shape and size, some working dogs, but mostly pets.

Many of The Friends and committee members are dedicated dog lovers and our pooches are regular visitors to events and committee meetings.

Committee member Liz Killick, proud owner of Willow is one of the founding members of The Altrincham District Dog Training Society. Liz still works with ADDTS as a trainer and every year the Friends host the ADDTS Annual Dogs' Day out on Denzell Gardens.

For the most part, the majority of owners are extremely responsible. However, we are still having problems with people not picking up after their dogs or who bring aggressive and unruly dogs to The Devisdale which often results in innocent dogs being injured leaving their owners with large vet bills to pay.

Spencer enjoying the hunt for a lost tennis ball
Protecting the Land

The Devisdale is recognised as a site of biological importance. The land is managed in order to support insects and wildlife at every level. As you can imagine, when a dog fouls the area, the soil becomes contaminated and the effect of this not only spoils the landscape; it can also promote species-poor grassland which in turn affects every creature that inhabits The Devisdale. At street level, dog faeces, when left, gets into our waterways and has yet another knock-on effect to the environment.

In 2009, committee member Theresa Graham and former committee member, Jan Elstub campaigned on The Devisdale to encourage more people to 'scoop the poop' and they also distributed information on the Top 10 Reasons why owners should pick-up.

Click here to download a copy

There was a big improvement following the campaign but unfortunately, during the winter months, standards have lapsed.

Dog fouling is a serious problem and can cause a variety of illnesses and diseases. Please make sure your dog is wormed regularly - at least every 3 months.

Please also help us to continue with the campaign and if you notice someone not picking up after their dogs, offer them a bag.

Polly ambling in the meadow
Dogs and Wildlife

We are currently experiencing problems with owners not taking responsibility for their dogs worrying wildlife. Please keep them under control at all times. This also includes not allowing them to swim/play in the wildlife pond as again, it disturbs the nesting/breeding cycle.
Every creature inhabiting The Devisdale is protected regardless of whether it is considered a pest by some
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