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Altrincham Cricket Club

Altrincham Cricket Club had their playing field on the part of The Devisdale that adjoins the Vegetarian Society and the club's pavilion was sited adjacent to the line of Beech trees that divide it from the lower part of The Devisdale. The pavilion was burnt down in the late 1980s. When the Girls' Grammar School grass pitch was constructed, the fences around it were removed and planted with several species of pine as part of a project to establish collections of different tree species throughout Greater Manchester.

At the time the Pines were planted, the boundaries around The Devisdale were also planted up with a mixture of native trees, shrubs and a new fence and gates erected along the definitive footpath that runs from Dunham Road to Green Walk, along the north boundary of Denzell Gardens.

Gradually, over the years, building has encroached onto the area. However, it is hoped with careful maintenance the area will remain a uniquely wild, open space for all to enjoy.

The Old Conservatory

The Old Conservatory is no more which is a great pity as it was used to grow an array of fruit and flora which was one of Samuel Lamb's passions.

It was replaced in the early 1980s by a more modern version which is no longer used for growing plants and fruit. It is, unfortunately an extension that does not truly replicate the magnificence and splendour of the original structure.

The Old Conservatory was used to grow fruit and flowers for the household
The Lodge

Built in 1891, the Lodge was occupied by a gardener, his wife and 5 children. Sadly, the Lodge no longer exists. It was demolished in the early 1970s and two Corsican Pines and five Weymouth Pines now occupy the site near the Dunham Road entrance.
The Lodge, idyllic in its setting, was home to the gardener and his family

The Ornamental Pond

The water in the pond is maintained by an underground system of pipes and reservoirs that collect all the storm water from the house and courtyard. Around the pond are a number of ornamental Cherries and a Lawson Cypress.
It is hoped one day funding will be available to complete restore the pond to its former glory.

The Kitchen Gardens

Now a car park, it is difficult to imagine the site as it once was - a kitchen garden where a variety of vegetables were grown in order to supply the household members of Denzell.

The gardens were abundant in a variety of vegetables and surrounded by cherry, apple, pear and peach trees. Some of the old planting still remains on The Devisdale in the form of blackcurrant bushes, sloe and wild garlic.

The Cavalier Statues

The photograph below is one of a remaining pair statues that used to stand outside Denzell House. In 1987 or 1988 one of the statues disappeared and, Trafford Council, fearing for the fate of the other, took the remaining Cavalier into storage where it remains today.

The remaining Cavalier in a Council setting is not quite as befitting for this proud statue
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